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The reality is, most nowadays would be at a lost without internet access. Majority of people cannot go through a day without going through their smartphone. Apparently, it is yielding a profit according to ACN Reviews listed online. However, is this all good? Learn more by reading this review about ACN in this article. If you want to know the truth about some of the bad points, then read on.

What Is ACN?


It was in 1993 that four individuals came together to form the American Communications Network, Inc. ACN multi-level marketing program involved providing telecommunications and other services to consumers.

The company started by marketing LCI communications and was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in 1998.

When it comes to telecommunications, it is touted as the largest direct seller. Its reach spans across twenty-three countries. This is expected to largely increase as the company expands to other parts. ACN business model has been endorsed by business guru, Donald Trump and has made several appearances in the Celebrity Apprentice show. An online store launched in 2010 provides advanced information on where services are available and how to sign up for the program.

ACN business started with just twenty independent representatives, this now numbers in thousands as more people are introduced to the company. It was 8 years ago in 2008 that the company ventured into building a digital phone service network. This was followed by the launch of IRIS X vide phone.

What Products Do They Offer?


However, ACN is involved in the provision of various services.  ACN business is involved in the direct selling of telecommunications including home services. It provides landline telephone services, both local and long distance. VOIP services and video phone services, satellite television, high-speed internet, Cellular phones, Smartphone app, Energy reselling, Home security services ACN model basically follows three methods in its service provision.


Is The ACN Opportunity Legit Or A Scam?


ACN seems to be a legitimate company and has been around for almost24 years. ACN associates trade their time for money, and if they don’t work, they don’t get paid. However, imagine getting paid repeatedly for doing something just one time.

With the ACN opportunity, every time you acquire a customer or help an existing customer get an additional service through your online store, you earn a percentage of your customer’s bill month after month, year after year for as long as they remain an ACN Customer. That’s called residual income.

With ACN, you earn residual income in two ways. The first is personal residual income. Every time customers sign up for services through your online store, you earn up to 10% of their bills every month. The more customers you acquire, the higher of a percentage you can earn; and the more your residual income grows. For example, if you acquired customers totaling 60 services, with an average monthly bill of $40, you can earn up to $240 per month, or $2,880 annually, in personal residual income.

The second form of residual income is called overriding residual income – and this is where you get paid on the Customer’s Acquired through other people’s ACN Online stores. When you introduce someone to the ACN Opportunity, and they become an IBO, they too can earn up to 10% of their customers. And because you introduced them to ACN and helped get them started, you also earn residual income from their customers as well. That means for every customer they acquire through their online store, not only does their monthly residual income grow, so does yours.

ACN pays you an overriding residual income through seven levels, ranging from 1/4% on your first level to as high as 8% on your seventh level. So, what is a level? If you personally introduce someone to ACN and they become an (IBO), their online store would be on your first level. And if the IBOs you personally introduce to ACN introduce someone else, their online store would be on your second level, so on and so forth. Now, there is no limit to how many online stores you can have on each level, and there is no limit to how many customers each online store can have.

Have you ever wondered how can I duplicate myself? imagine for a moment how much better it would be if you had than just one of working to accomplish the same goal? With ACN opportunity this is quite possible, everytime you recruit someone new to join ACN you are using doing just that. The more stores you have online and clients that you have, the more successful you will be.

From my research what I have seen that most of the negative complaints that I have seen regarding ACN business have to do with customers service. Thir customer service staff, otherwise known by ACN as “ACN individual business owners” are trying to address customers problems while at the same time trying recruit others.

To start any business whether it’s online or offline requires some form of investment in the form of time or money or both . However, you do not need to invest hundreds of dollars to do so. Each individual is different and will have to decide for themselves.

What’s an Alternative to ACN Business Opportunity?

The truth of the matter is, you can make money working for ACN, but only if you are good at sales and can convince people to buy or join ACN business. The key to making big with ACN business opportunity is to be able to recruit lots of people under you, you can earn passive income which is probably where most of the real money will come.

Nevertheless, this might not be right for everyone. There are many other options that are out there for you. You might want to check out my Top Work At Home Recommendations. You can also check out my Work At Home Courses which will provide you with the opportunity to earn multiple streams of incomeEither way, you have options if ACN doesn’t appeal to you.

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