Bitcoin Huge Upgrade

Bitcoin Upgrade

Amazon got the shocking verdict that could have a HUGE impact on Bitcoin. In-spite the fact that Amazon 100 million members are not able to make purchases using Cryptocurrency, yet there are actions that make it clear that this online retail giant is seeing a day fast approaching when customers could possibly be using Bitcoin. If you take the right action now – before a buying frenzy starts you could make millions.

Bitcoin huge upgrade

If you had invested in Bitcoin investor and you have suffered greatly lost now it’s time to recapture all your losses and make a big profit. Look as to what has happened with Bitcoin, let’s look at the currency itself.

In the past few months, Bitcoin skyrocketed in price, plunged, skyrocketed, and plunged again. Up and down up and down.

Then the all the pundits, some on one side who are the bears saying, Bitcoin is a scam, a sham, and does not stand a chance. On the other side, those that are bulls saying the sky is the limit.

The media headlining the opinion of one first, then the opinion of the other, it’s is like watching a game of rocket ball, back and forth, back and forth. Nevertheless, none of this helps, none of this matter. The reality is these so call expert does not know for sure what is the future of Bitcoin. The thing that they fail to mention is the Bitcoin upgrade.

Now there are those who know all about it.

To enlighten us about this upgrade and to explain what it means, and to show us how you capitalize on it – this is the man who was a part of it when it first started.

This man went on live television on July 13 and made a firm prediction regarding Bitcoin before it went to 25,351% high. His name is Stuart Varney’s, you might recognize his name from shows like Fox Business, CNBC, MSNBC, and others, places where he shares his insights and analysis on different markets.


In his own words he said, we are now approaching the era of collective intelligence, we’re going to join millions of computers together to solve problems, and Bitcoin is one proof of concept. Bitcoin can do this consistently.

The oldest and largest exchange in the world for Bitcoin, Mt. Gox, is no longer around, however, Bitcoin is still here. People simply moved to Bitstamp and other exchanges as though nothing had happened.


Back in 2013, not a lot of individuals were listening to Stuart Varney. Instead, they were paying attention to all the naysayers in the news, at the time there were many articles saying that Bitcoin was not legitimate and that it was “the perfect crime” and “one big scam”…

As we’ve seen they were all wrong steering investors away from the largest investment run-up of this lifetime. Now we’re at a critical juncture with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Because of this huge upgrade that is taking place secretly behind closed doors, and hardly anyone aware of it, or understands the significance, this will have on the price of Bitcoin soon.

The truth is, cryptocurrencies came out of the gate with a bang and the so-called expert on Wall Street had no idea how to place value on a new technology like this.

It is sad that many folks around the world are in the dark about what is happening with Bitcoin’s developers and systems programmers.

Bitcoin huge upgrade is set to release any moment now – and could skyrocket the price of Bitcoin to new highs never seen in history.


Now, it’s obvious the market has been tested. Bitcoin ran up to $19,343 on December 16 of last year, and then drop all the way down to $5,947 on February 6 – which started the panic selling!

Now, you must understand base on the settings It would have been hard for people not to panic. We are talking about a 64% drop here. I certainly wasn’t encouraging anyone to buy at that point, I could see a correction coming. If anything, folks should’ve been selling at $19,343 for the biggest wins we’ve ever seen.

Now, Bitcoin upgrade is about to take place! DONT miss out!!


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