Herbalife company review

Herbalife International is a direct selling company which focused on a worldwide nutrition and health care. The company is founded by Mark Hughes in the year 1980.

Herbalife company review

Herbalife Nutrition Company’s vision is changing people lives. The company mission for them is to accomplish which is changing people’s lives by providing the best nutrition to the consumers with an expert well-known doctor around the world. Then, Herbalife Nutrition also changes people’s lives by providing a weight management product.

The aim is to solve the high rates of obesity worldwide and provide the best nutrition to the child that comes from a poor family and country. Furthermore, Herbalife Nutrition also provides an opportunity in business in direct selling with the Herbalife product.

The seller and distributors can share and sell the products to other peoples who come from different background, culture, ages, and religion. First and foremost, the ethics of the Herbalife Nutrition Company is they do the honest, right and ethical things in their direct selling business toward the consumers.

One of the values is their nutrition products. They are committed to a high standard of scientific and safety care in manufacturing and developing the products before it reaches to consumers. They make sure that the product is always safe and develop by many experiences Herbalife doctors include internal science team and Nutrition Advisory Board (NAB).

Furthermore, the third value of the Herbalife Company is their stakeholders. They seek for profitability and growth of the business to increase the values for all their stakeholders such as customers, members, supervisors, employees as well as their shareholders. The last value in their communities to build a better and happy place to work.

Descriptions of Herbalife Products.

The normal for a consumer for Herbalife product is Formula 1 Nutrition Shake Mix to maximize their fitness goals and health. Formula 1 Nutrition Shake Mix can make it a healthy meal which contains 9g of protein, 90 calories, 13g of carbs and 1g of total fats.

It consists of 6 kinds of flavors and suitable protein for breakfast daily. Then, the herbal tea concentrate can boost the human’s energy and metabolism. It can also enhance mental focus and burn about 100 calories. Furthermore, the herbal aloe concentrate can help the consumer to have a good digestive system. It also enhances nutrient absorption, clean bacteria in the intestine and cleans out those “pipes”.

For the weight management, Herbalife Nutrition has come out with Formula 2 Multivitamin Mineral and Herbal Tablets by providing essential minerals, vitamin, and antioxidants to the human body. It also helps to support and maintain the good immune system.

Besides, with the services, Herbalife Company has trained a wellness coach to take care of their consumers to make sure they always drink the shake daily. The wellness coach will always keep in touch with their consumers. Hence, the result to lose the weight and maintain good body health will be more effective and efficient.

Herbal Earnings

Herbalife reported net sales of US$4.488 billion in the year 2016 and offered a public share in New York Stock Exchange. The Herbalife Company develops weight management, sells healthy meals, nutrition supplements, meal replacements, fitness, and sports as well as personal healthcare products.

The operating segments of the company are established on geographical operations in many regions. Herbalife’s company vision is changing people lives. They do the honest and ethical things by providing nutrition, weight management products, and business opportunities to their consumers.

Their main product is the Formula 1 Nutrition Shake Mix. Their numerous competitors in this field include Isagenix, Amway and NU Skin.

The company did a lot of charity work and sponsorship include founded and supported Herbalife Family Foundation to help children to get the best nutrients. They also sponsored a lot of athletes, teams and sports events include Cristiano Ronaldo, Los Angeles Galaxy Football Team and triathlon races. Then, an unexpected external general factor is not under controlling and it may create some elements to which the organization must respond.

External general factors that Herbalife International faced include political issue faced by the company was Bill Ackman said that Herbalife is a “pyramid scheme”. Then, Herbalife also contribute to a country’s economy by providing a business opportunity to the distributors, paid their contribution back to help the society’s needs, a partnership with Creative Technology (CT)


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