How can I learn affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing breakdown the quickest you’ll ever get. The problem in the affiliate marketing world is all the misinformation in the industry, many companies acting as if they are a part of affiliate marketing, when reality they are not, also the fact that there are many other companies trying to sell complicated items for you to buy their complicated affiliate marketing items or service.

How can I learn affiliate marketing -A Simply Breakdown?

I will make it clear and amazingly simple for you are anyone and help to give you a better understanding of the affiliate marketing in the most practical way. In the next few minutes from now, you will have a clear understanding of what affiliate marketing is, you are going to be in the known and will be able to use this article as a launching pad to your affiliate marketing business.


Let’s 1ready?


The Affiliate marketing Process


There are three entities when it comes to affiliate marketing. There is the affiliate which is you, the affiliate program the company/product owner) and the customers


Being an affiliate, means you have signed up with an affiliate program which will provide you with the opportunity to sell and promote their products or service, or a number of their merchandise. Affiliate programs provide you with a unique link when you sign up with them, which allow you to promote their items and for that product to be followed.


When you are an affiliate, if you send a person to the item website should the make a purchase you’ll get paid a flat sale or a percentage of the transaction. The commission is usually within the range of 1% -75%


Let’s use a chart here to break this down


For example, if you become an Amazon affiliate (the term associate might be used) which means the same thing as an affiliate. As an Amazon affiliate, there are thousands of items you can promote.


If you direct someone through your social media, email or your website sending them to Amazon through your affiliate link and they were to purchase an item; you will earn 6% commission for that sale. So, if the thing cost $ 100, you would get $6


Now you might think that it’ not a lot, but some people are purchasing items that cost up to $100,000s and more. Imagine if you sold 30 of those $100 items every day that would be $180 /day you would be making


Now imagine if you choose to sell the more expensive items, this is the true meaning of affiliate marketing, this is just one of the many examples.


So, you now have the whole affiliate marketing process down pack; let’s look a little more about you the affiliate


Exactly who can become an affiliate What does it cost to become an affiliate


Affiliate programs are mostly free to join except in rare cases there might be some that charges. Some affiliate programs might charge a small fee to prevent scrupulous affiliates and to make sure you are a real person, but that is in unusual cases.


All affiliate programs should be free; there should be a charge they might not be an affiliate program.


So, the best part about affiliate programs is that you can join them for free and promote a wide variety of their products and services and make a commission while doing so. There are as much as 500 million products to sell as an affiliate.


What Is an Affiliate Program and How Does an Affiliate Marketing Program Works?

An affiliate program is a software tracking set up that allow you the affiliate to promote different products and services for the merchant. An affiliate program tracks all clicks and sales and will calculate all your commission. They will allow to monitor and manage your transaction and payment details.


Affiliate program calculates their stats using automation. As the technology for tracking affiliate advance so does your ability to get more sophistication with your affiliate marketing campaigns. As an affiliate, you now have control and keep track of your conversions and the source as well.


Most affiliate programs usually offer materials to use for promoting their products, these are banners, widgets and even plugins that can be used on social media and websites. The more complete an affiliate program is, the more prepared you as an affiliate will be to promote the given product or service, so it’s good for a merchant to provide their members the best quality experience.


Affiliate Network


An affiliate network is when some affiliate program is under one umbrella. Here is an example, affiliate network one of the largest, there are 6,000 companies and with their products under the same roof.


There are many affiliate networks with thousands of companies and brands in their systems. Signing up with an affiliate network will save you time to manage all the different passwords, different links, and payments.


so, look at it this way, rather than having to thousands of different programs, you can now join on affiliate network like LinkShare and start promoting thousands of products and services all under one management while getting paid through one payment center.


Here are the affiliate networks that are the most popular ones


Amazon Associates


CJ by Conversant


Ebay Partners


Linkshare now Rakuten


The affiliate program opportunity and how you’ll get paid


Most affiliate network programs pay similar yet different, their pay schedules are different and will offer various forms of payment.


Most affiliate programs will offer payment in United States dollar Payment in US dollar is the standard form to pay affiliates when it comes to online marketing. However, some companies will opt to pay you in the currency of your country while providing different payments gateways that will do the conversion.


One example of an affiliate program that pays different is Wealthy Affiliate, their affiliate program standard way of paying affiliates is through PayPal. However, they offer the option of getting paid by cheque and bank wire payment.


Affiliate programs make it simple to get paid; if they make it difficult for you to get paid most affiliates would abandon their applications.


How do you get started running an affiliate business?


Many people want to begin their affiliate business but do not know where to start. It can be difficult these days because of the number of different programs and information suggesting that their plan is best. One of the main problem with most of these services they are not affiliating marketing.


Where do you begin your research?


Here I’ll help you to speed up your search. There is one platform in the affiliating marketing world that I am apart of called wealthy affiliate. At Wealthy Affiliate you will get coaching, it is where you’ll find super affiliates in the affiliate marketing world hanging out and do their affiliate business.


If you plan on running an affiliate business, this is one affiliate platform you want to be a part of, not just so you can learn affiliate marketing but where you can get the tools, website hosting, training, coaching and interact support to build and grow your affiliate business in the internet world.


Wealthy Affiliate offers two options, Free option for you to try if you are a beginner, and a more advanced option that cost a mere $29 per month. My recommendation is that you begin with the free starter option, you should always try a service before spending your hard money to purchase it.


Their first lessons will provide you with your mentor, selected to direct your affiliate marketing business, your website with hosting, and access to coaching that will take you through from being a beginner to an affiliate marketing pro.

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