How do you find a drop shipper for a eBay store ?

In this post, I am going to answer the question many people are asking me’ how do you find a drop shipper for a eBay store. There are a ton of drop shippers doing drop shipping out of China that should not be trusted. They’ll rob you of your money by not sending you items bought or they will send fake products, some of which are not licensed to sell online.

However, if you can verify that the drop shipper will fill your order and that the products legitimate products, then it is ok to import from China, but you’ll need to do a thorough research. The safest way to find drop shipper for eBay store or for any store for that matter is through SaleHoo directory.

How do you find a drop shipper for a eBay store? And how can you be sure they are legit?

SaleHoo directory is a directory used by online marketers to find legitimate wholesalers and drop shippers. Salehoo directory has more than 8,000+ authentic drop shippers, wholesalers, and liquidators. When using SaleHoo to find drop shippers, you can be sure you will buy from verified suppliers you can trust.

Salehoo is different from the way most drop shipper conduct business, Salehoo does not offer items to people looking to buy products for their stores, the way it works, Salehoo provide their members with a vast directory with more than 8000 plus confirm wholesale suppliers and drop shippers, from more than 1000 nations globally. Salehoo directory connects you to a wide variety of different drop shippers with many different products.

What else does Salehoo offers?

Salehoo provides you with tools that you can use to get off the ground and be up and running in no time, or if you already have a business Salehoo tools will assist you to scale up your business, it is my secret weapon for finding Chinese drop shipper that I can trust. Before any supplier is placed in the Salehoo directory, they must go through the verification process, having to prove that they are legit and are trustworthy.

There are also reviews from verified users; this allows you to only to choose to do a business deal with suppliers and drop shippers that have gone through the SaleHoo’s test and had five-star customers user reviews. Using SaleHoo has made me rest secure and safe when purchasing from Chinese suppliers.


Here are some more ideas how to find trustworthy drop shippers for a ebay store:

Only do business with drop shippers and suppliers that have a sales record for two years are more Check out their history. Look at the reviews from customers online. Stay away from drop shipper and suppliers that do not have verifiable reviews. Request for samples first, an only purchase small lots at first. Go to their site if they have one and check the WHOIS information to see if the website has been doing business online for more than two years and use Google to verify that their physical location exists.

 Salehoo is one of the few legitimate places where you’ll be able to find a drop shipper for an ebay store, it’s the best place to start your search for legit drop shippers you can trust.

how to find a drop shipper for a ebay store Check out my  Salehoo thorough review here.