How to get more traffic and make more money

To get more traffic and make more money add entertainment and other relevant news information to your site to keep customers coming back. The site can include community features that allow customers to share information about products. This can also generate more traffic and make more money if the reviews are good.

Placing relevant news articles, providing an online magazine or providing product information on a site are other ways to keep customers coming back to the site regularly. Customer control, communication features and search features are some ways to increase customer satisfaction at the website.

One customer control feature is to allow customers to choose between finding the information they need on the web, chatting with web line advisors, or speaking to someone at a call center. Some communication features are using webcams to communicate with customers, chat features, or computer-to-phone calls.

You can even increase the effectiveness of their search feature by including not just the location of the product but also recommendations for substitution or complementary products.

Internet Market Structures to Get More Traffic and Make More Money

Doing business on the Internet falls into one of three broad market structures: portals, market makers, and product/service providers.

B2B portals primarily provide members of an industry with a sense of community by providing them with information about products, services, and general industry information. They are also used as focal points to channel traffic into the websites of product/service providers in the designated industry.

Market makers also offer customers a sense of community and industry information, but they differ from portals in that they participate in the facilitation of business transactions between the buyer and supplier.

This market structure can provide an industry with cost reductions by reducing product search costs and transaction costs. Product/service providers are suppliers that sell to their customers directly via the Internet.

Once you have weighed the pros and cons of doing business online, you must then decide which direction would be best for your business in terms of implementing an e-business model.

Unfortunately, there is no unique, successful business model for companies that perform electronic business. Just as in traditional business, the model depends on the products and services that the company offers, the market structure, etc.

It is also important to understand exactly what an online business model is and what you hope to accomplish with that model.

A good business model is essential to every successful organization, whether it is a new venture or an established player. Success online, just as in traditional business, involves adding value to the firm as well as adding value to the customer.



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