Managers Failing To Develop Employees

The result of poor employee development is impacting organization and employee immediately and long-term. Managers failure to develop employee is affecting recruitment and the company’s profitability.

The failure of management to develop employee is resulting in a fewer number of employees to fill available positions and fewer employee commitment. When management shows interest in employee development the employee has something much greater to work towards, they can see what direction their career is heading this makes them willing to work long hours, through difficult tasks instead of doing enough.

According to Trapp, (2015), the failure to develop employees are having negative consequences in the workforce it is the top causes of stress for UK workers.

Several managers are failing to develop employees in their careers. Managers aren’t evaluating employee performance development feedbacks, this failure to develop employee’s personal growth is resulting in a bad relationship and is among the top reasons why ambitious employees are seeking to find new employment.

Few managers are assisting employees, teaching them how to grow in their place, this shows that management does understand how vital long-term commitment of employee is to an organization.

Chamberlin, J. (2012) states, “managers in most organizations spend little time where the people are working.” When managers fail to spend time where employees are working they cannot understand the employee ambition, goals, and their frustrations. Managers are failing to develop employee because of a lack of understanding about what employees need and want, because of this, managers are using outdated management style such as command control.

According to the Gallup Business Journal, (2016) many managers are failing to meet the needs of employees. The article states that the percent of disengaged employee outnumbering those that are engaged.

Gallup implies that work worldwide is no longer fulfilling because of the failure of managers to develop the employee, because of this employee performance are affecting company performance.

Failure to develop employee can have a negative effect not only on company performance but also on the employee. When managers fail to develop the employee, there is no loyalty from the employee this results in a high turnover rate which cost the organization a huge sum to hire a new employee.

Companies need a good strategy for management to grow and develop the employee, one that is good and efficient in running a successful business while developing the employee. The reason managers may shy away from this important aspect of the business, they may lack the skills or experience, lack annual formal appraisals, and employee development plans. The lack of such a process leads to employee development training being overlooked.

Failing to address this issue in a proactive way will lead to a loss of profit and an increase in employee burn out, both will adversely impact an industry’s profitability. An employee who does not see opportunities for further development in the organization will begin to look elsewhere for employment where they can grow.

An organization that does not possess the necessary resource to improve employee profile among other job seekers will miss candidates that are talented. Finding a new employee with the right kind caliber can be challenging.

An organization that needs to grow their business and retains employee of high standing needs to apply everything that is related to employee development, it is about managing the companies’ people. The core business function necessary for the organization’s effective operation is the development of its employee.

Management that takes into consideration an employee’s growth will expand and improve their livelihood. As a result, those employees will be loyal to the company.

If managers talk with employees and gain a better understanding of how they can help the employee grow and follow-up with action to improve and develop the employee this would spark the engagement further, which will lead to loyalty and increase production.

According to O’Keefe P, (2016), companies should invest in employees’ development, O’Keefe pointed out that employee development should range from developing their managerial potentials, training them on how to manage time and productively. The article further states if companies do not dedicate funds and time to develop employees, they are doing the company and their employee a disservice.

Managers need to develop employee in their professional development. Employee development must be an important part of a company’s long-term strategy. Employees have cited that they rather work for organizations that spend time and money to develop their potential, so they can move up into management. They are less motivated to work for organizations that fail their employee in this respect.

In my opinion when management develop employees both the employer and the employee benefits. Looking at it from the company’s perspective, it creates and sustains a continuous learning atmosphere. When a company fails to do this, the results are a shortage of skilled employees to fill future open positions.

If managers in an organization help employees to grow and develop, they are more than double the rate of likelihood to engage their teams. The best thing that a manager can do for his or her employees is to develop the employee and place them in positions that allow them to utilities their natural talents while teaching new skills, and knowledge that they can develop and apply with their strengths.

From the employee’s point of view, the benefits are much more than just engaging with managers, if employees are developed the employee feels obligated to do more, they now have something other than money to work for, they can see their career taking off to higher heights which empowers and motivate them to do their best work knowing they are working to develop their career.

Management responsibility should be to care for their employees in the same way the employee is required to care for the customers. Base on the endless claims by organizations of how important their employees are to the success of the organization; employee development should be their number one priority.

The employee that is ambitious do not want to feel stuck they want to grow in their career wanting training, mentoring, seeking ways to gain new skills so that they are more valuable. There shouldn’t be anything more important than to develop an employee by management. Base on the endless claims by organizations of how important their employees are to the success of the organization; employee development should be number one.


When management takes interest in their employee both parties become more engaged, and engaged employees are more productive. Also, developing an employee builds loyalty and loyalty increases productivity. When an employee is developed they are the ones who will fill positions in the different department, the organization will become like an intuition for the employees while keeping the knowledge learned to support the organization.


On the other hand, the costs can be huge in the long run as employee career keeps advancing and if a company is not able to give it long-term, soon or later the more ambitious employees will go elsewhere to get more.

Managers who invest to develop their employee and supports their career growth are more likely to have an employee that is more skilled and are more likely to be loyal to the organization.

The developed employee will be able to aid in other areas in the organization that needs help with their ability at no added cost to the organization, this allows the company to grow and to increase. When managers make it their mission to develop employee the worker take their job more seriously because they can work, learn and grow.

Employee development is the key to making a strong organization when managers help employees develop by understanding his or her career intentions and develop ways to help them cultivate their gifts and talents the bond between managers and employees becomes strong which result in strong teamwork and loyal employee.


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